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Supported POS Systems

eThor is available on every Clover device

eThor’s powerful “Pay At The Table” technology for Clover offers an EMV compliant solution that is integrated with your existing POS such as Micros, Aloha and Dinerware.




Supported Payment Processors

Why eThor?

  • Turn tables faster and increase revenue
  • Reduce errors made by servers
  • Reduce costs incurred by manually closing orders on POS

All-In-One Pay At Table Solution

Increase Security.

Ensure that your restaurant is EMV compliant and that your transactions are safe and secure from theft.

Reduce Fraud.

Process transactions right at the table, reducing charge backs and potential identity theft and credit card skimming.

Increase Effeciency.

Turn tables faster, increasing your bottom line by processing transactions right at the table.

Advanced Analytics.

Stay informed about the inner workings of your business with access to eThor’s advanced analytics suite.

Key Features

  • eThor connects Clover to Micros 3700, Aloha and Dinerware

  • Instantly view open orders and close checks automatically

  • Click on individual checks to display receipt information
  • Instantly sync your payment processing with your back-end POS accounting system

Manage your business anywhere with Clover dashboard

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Client Testimonials

eThor for Clover is a great, affordable solution that enabled us to become compliant with the new EMV credit card regulations.

La Parilla
Mexican Restaurant Chain

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contact us today for your EMV pay-at-table solution.

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