Move your store online.

eThor’s powerful all-in-one dashboard lets you easily manage your store online. Customers can search and buy your products or menu items through Facebook, web or mobile channels.


Marketing tools that drive sales.

Mobile coupons.

Use the eThor coupon builder to create special offers that help promote your business. Each coupon has a unique tracking code so you can pinpoint every purchase.

SMS, email marketing.

Create a buzz for your business with automated SMS text and email channels. eThor gives you numerous marketing and scheduling options to help you expand your customer reach.

Advanced analytics.

Track everything from clicks to conversions and customer order history. eThor comes with built-in analytics to help you make decisions that boost your bottom line.

Kick online ordering into overdrive.


Easily take orders through online and mobile channels.

With eThor’s lightning-fast ordering solution, your next sale is always just a click or tap away. Customers can quickly place orders and you can easily accept payments through your preferred gateway.

Right to the point of sale.

Whether the order comes from Facebook, web or a mobile phone, eThor sends it directly to your point of sale system. There’s no hassle, no order errors, no opportunity missed.


All-new IP printer.

For merchants with a POS system that’s not integrated with eThor – worry not. With eThor’s IP printing, orders are simply routed to any in-store printer by powerful eThor and Google technology.