eThor bridges the gap.

There’s a gulf between mobile customers and brick and mortar businesses. But we’re fixing that.

eThor started with a desire to take the online ordering experience and connect it with point of sale systems. As we reconsidered the fragmented POS industry, our vision was to create a totally interconnected world. One with no barriers. No obstacles. No hoops to jump through for customers looking to search and buy from anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, we aspired to give merchants the ability to expand their reach beyond the confines of physical location. And empower sales from all-new destinations.

So, we built a platform that connects customers with point of sale systems through Facebook, web and mobile channels.

Then we started integrating with leading POS companies.

And merchants started connecting with mobile customers.

The lines between the offline world and online world were redrawn; better yet, removed.

Now, we’ve decided to open this technology to the developer community.

The eThor API invites developers to use our functionality to enhance their own creative vision. To push eCommerce boundaries even further. To build something that changes everything, again and again.

The eThor API lets developers connect their application with POS systems, access and make efficient use of customer data, and bridge the gap between merchant and mobile.

The possibilities are endless.

Let’s create the future together.